Santosha Permaculture has grown out of a 20 year interest in permaculture, time spent in the garden, on the farm and with animals.

After many years in the public health sector, I completed a Permaculture Design Course  in 2007 with Peter Allen of Telopea Mountain Permaculture, and started applying the knowledge and skills gained to my home and life.

Since 2010 I have owned and operated BookAChook (see http://www.bookachook.com) ‘bringing a little country to your backyard’ as well as providing educational workshops on chook-keeping and sustainability topics.

The opportunity to peek into people’s backyards has developed into a permaculture design service, from urban settings to larger rural properties. This starts with a 2 hour ‘walk and talk’ and often then evolves into developing working designs for your property.

Education services include workshops to small groups, clubs, community centres, local councils and festivals, as well as an extensive Permaculture Design Course (90 hours+ instead of the standard 72 hours).

Please email santosha.permaculture@gmail.com with any enquiries.